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Branding 101

4/17/2019 12:00:00 AM by NJ Braso

Very often we find ourselves in businesses that are rather similar. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing! Due to this, one has to either reduce prices, offer great discounts or do pro-bono jobs in order to keep clients and gain exposure. But should this be the case? The answer is NO! Being in business for yourself may mean putting yourself out there. It may mean putting in extra effort, money and time but that does not mean you should not enjoy your harvest even if it comes in little folds! So how do you prove to your clients that you are worthy to be paid for and paid at the right price? How do you make your brand so amazing that they never have to treat you as any other? The answer is BECOME A NEED RATHER THAN A WANT! A necessity rather than a desire!

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Create Content

1/11/2019 12:00:00 AM by NJ Braso

Content is still king, and any business that does not take its content seriously is not taken seriously either. What do people see when they visit your website or social media page? How do you make your website or social media page a magnet that draws clients with the right content strategy? Is your content informing and engaging your audience or it is underwhelming and pushing them away?

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