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Money money money! We all want to make and keep it as part of our legacy. That’s why we’ve teamed up with charity consultant Navshika (‘Shika’) Beeharry to help your organisation strategize its way to sustainable growth, in line with your charitable vision. Shika believes that funding shouldn’t just be viewed as a form of external income through donors, foreign volunteers or philanthropists, but rather it begins with your charity’s vision and method of operation which determines your approach to seeking and retaining income. A clever sustainable strategy can help you understand the resources you have, what to maximise on and how to ensure that all your business decisions are for the long-term benefit of your work, rather than relying on external sources to meet the current shortfall.

Some examples of the ways in which Shika can help you improve your fundraising activities are:

Reviewing your charity’s mission and examining your current operations to identify gaps plus areas for improvement. This is followed by tailored advice and proposed solutions to suit your current and future charitable needs.

Implementing your desired solution to meet your future charitable needs by drafting (or reviewing existing) project timelines / strategies and creating key indicators to measure progress.

Ensuring that there are clear and conducive policies in place to hold the organisation accountable in all its functions without compromising day-to-day operations, as well as creating mechanisms for policies to be reviewed at regular intervals, in line with the growth of the organisation.

Bespoke packages
Creating tailored resources (e.g. video recording, speaking engagements, events, printed materials etc) for your charitable organisation, including: how-to guides for staff; informal contracts / agreements for external volunteers; project templates for writing funding proposals, and training opportunities for charity executives to explore business concepts, plus many more.

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